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Better Engineering's "Purifier" machinery is and has been the best-selling line of industrial jet washers in the world. Using aqueous spray technology, parts are automatically cleaned with a recirculated detergent and water solution. The force of the spray jets is combination with heat (130░-180░ F) and the chemical action of the detergent strip away oil, grease, carbon, 1 -15 minutes.

F-3000 and F-3000-P
The hallmark of Better Engineering's front loading jet washers is the octagonal door which when opened, exposes 55% of the parts basket. With the parts basket low to the ground (27" on the F-3000), parts are easy to load by hand or with a hoist. Unlike older designs, there are no rollers to wear out and no back injuries from pulling heavy loads in and out of the cabinet.

F-3000 & F-3000-P Parts Washers

All models with the "P" suffix have the "purifier" filtration system that traps metal chips, removes floating oils, and isolates sludge where it can be easily removed. The tank floor is radically pitched from front to rear where a 2" deep by 10" wide canal runs the width of the machine. The F-4000-P has a 5.0 H.P.

T-4000-P Parts Washers

The F-4000LX-P over all dimension is 63" x 72" x 92". All large jet washers starting with the F-4000-P have a digital read-out for water temperature, and a "jog" button to index the parts basket when loading and unloading. The turntables of these large front loaders are only 28-30" off the ground. Specifications

F-4000LX-P Parts Washers

F-5000LXP and F-6000LX-P
The F-5000LXP and F-6000LX-P are the largest front loading jet washers made on a production basis. When the door of any Better Engineering front loader is opened, the small amount of residual water is directed back to the holding tank. Specifications

F-5000LXP & F-6000LX-P Parts Washers

The New T-2500 one (1) of fifteen (15) models in Better Engineering's best selling "Purifier" line is ideal for work cells and other tight work areas. This compact, water-based cleaning system will automatically wash, rinse, and dry parts in just minutes. the sleek cabinet places the loading edge just 38" above the ground and 11" above the turntable.

T-2500 Parts Washers

The T-5000-P is the first in a series of large, top loading jet washers, which is a preferred style when floor space is at a premium style when floor space is at a premium (no door to swing out). The contour of the cabinet epitomizes ergonomic design.Specifications

T-5000-P Parts Washers

The lids of the T-5000-P, T-6000-P, T-7000-P, are powered up and down with a rear mounted, linear actuator. The push button controls for the linear actuator are located on the main control panel. All top loaders have a "jog" button to index the turntable when loading and unloading.Specifications

T-6000-P Parts Washers

The bodies of the tip loading jet washers slope downward towards the front so that parts can be conveniently loaded by hand. When the lids are in the up position, the front edge of the cabinets are above the parts basket.Specifications

T-7000-P Parts Washers

WASH / RINSE / DRY: Jet Washers can be equipped with automatic rinse and air blow-off cycles.

LIFETIME GUARANTEE against the welds leaking* /cabinets built with 1/8" steel panels / turntable mounted to a fixed, structural bridge.

LIFETIME GUARANTEE on the turntable and it's sealed bearing support assembly.

JOB SAFETY: Octagonal doors of front loaders and top loading designs allow hoist loading without having to pull the turntable outside the cabinet. No Pushing / No Pulling / No Injuries.

THE OSW-11 OIL SKIMMING SYSTEM is standard on all units (11.5" diameter wheel on F-3000'S/16" diameter on larger models). System includes a quick disconnect cord and a removable oil receiver.

ALL MODELS with the "PURIFIER" have the ATC-24-2 programmable timer for independent auto control of the heating and oil skimming systems.

TURNTABLES are rotated with a pneumatic tire which is spring loaded against the turntable's outside rim. should this system ever get jammed, the drive motor is inherently protected

ALL CIRCUITS are fused, grounded, and numbered... Motors are protected with current overload devices.

THE TANK is covered in the spray area to prevent parts and debris from falling into the hot water... Removeable cover plates make tank access covenient.

*Warranty void if leaks caused by corrosion

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