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SS Floor Soap

SS Floor Soap is a highly concentrated alkaline aqueous cleaner containing a unique blend of free caustic, surfactants, inhibitors and detergents.  This specially formulated cleaner is ideal for use in all types of pressure spray equipment.

SS Floor Soap quickly removes oils, greases and other soils commonly found in industrial, maintenance, repair, machine shop and automotive industries.  It can be directly injected into the spray equipment, or used as a pre-cleaner.  It contains excellent corrosion inhibitors, and is multi-metal safe. 

SS Floor Soap; meets all current EPA, OSHA and SCAQMD rules and regulations.  It is designed to meet or exceed human health and environmental concerns without sacrificing performance. 

Recommended Dilutions by Application:

(All variables may be adjusted for optimum performance)





Light Oil

2 – 7 %

Ambient - 200F

2 – 8 Min.

Medium Oil

2 – 10 %

Ambient - 200F

2 – 10 Min.

Heavy Oil

5 – 12 %

Ambient - 200F

5 – 12 Min.


7 – 20 %

Ambient - 200F

7 – 15 Min.


Physical Properties:


Clear, light blue liquid

Specific Gravity


Surface Tension, 10%

32 dynes/cm

pH, Concentrate


pH, 10% in DI water


VOC, Concentrate

< 50 gm/l

VOC, 10% in DI water

< 50 gm/l


SS Floor Soap can be pretreated with skimming and/or filtering.  Final disposal must meet Federal, State and local regulations.

Availability & Storage:

SS Floor Soap is available in 5 gallon pails, 55-gallon drums and 330 gallon tote bins.  It is recommended that it be stored in well-ventilated areas at temperatures between 40F and 110F.  Its suggested shelf life is one year.

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