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Genesis Series Part Washers

Genesis Series Part Washers from Better Engineering.

    The Genesis™ Series
    A Revolutionary Line Of
    Automatic Cleaning Systems

Genesis model series parts washer with door open from Better Engineering

There are two Genesis models. The G-2000 feature a 27 inch turntable at 36 inch working height.

The G-3000 has a 37 inch turntable and 48 inches high for your larger cleaning needs.

The both represent 30 years of continuous improvement. The have revolutionized the industry in the beginning and continue to lead their class today.

They offer the smallest possible footprint while giving you the maximum cleaning power.

One of the hallmark features of the Genesis parts washers is the roll-away door, whick saves floor space. The doors are the center supported and don’t suffer from the grag problems experienced by doors with outside rollers... Hence the LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

 Vertical (Seal-Less) Pumps

The Genesis units have a vertical, seal-less pumps. There are no bearing or seals beneath the solution level. The pumps are driven with TEFC motors. The motors have extended shafts that connect directly to the pump impellers. That means they have no couplings.


Genesis model series parts washer with door closed from Better Engineering





Turntable Dia.



Working Height



Load Height



Weight Capacity

500 lbs.

1500 lbs.

Tank Size

55 Gal

100 Gal

Pump Output

60 GPM / 45 PSI

100 GPM / 50 PSI

Vertical Pump

3 HP

5 HP

Heat-up Time

1.25 Hours

1.25 Hours


6 kW

12 kW

Electric Power

230v / 1 ph.

230v / 3 ph.

Full Load Amps

49 Amps

52 Amps

Overall Dimensions:

42” w x 49” d x 79” h

56” w x 65” d x 94” h

Shipping Weight

800 lbs.

2000 lbs.


Genesis model series parts washer side view from Better Engineering

Standard Features

Optional Features

Ergonomic 31” loading height

230V/ 460 V 3-Phase Power

Vertical (Seal-less) Pump

Automatic 7-day/24-hr. Timer

Low Water  Warning &


Automatic Water Fill

Brush & Pump for Hand Cleaning

Oil Skimmer

Steam Exhaust

Jam-Proff Turntable Drive

In-Line Strainer

30 Min. Wash Timer

In-Line Bag Filter

12 Hr. Heat Timer


Mid-Swing Cleaning Chamber

ZX Upper Turntable

Sealed Cleaning Chanber


Slide-Out Chip Basket


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